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Hamburger University

June 6, 2022

I recently spent a week in the Chicago area and I had the opportunity to walk by the world-famous Hamburger University in the West Loop. Yes, you read that right. McDonald’s started the university in 1961.

Think about it … an organization that dedicates an entire “university” education program to inspiring leaders of their brand and company. This makes them excellent business owners and more profitable in the long run. Amazing to see a large brand take ownership in its employees and leadership development. This is a true inspiration to me, as I stood outside the lobby anticipating what the classrooms looked like.

HU doesn’t stop at employee education, either. You can also order menu items from around the world at kiosks that are open to the public — spicy taco fries from Switzerland and matcha tea shakes from Japan, to name a few!

I admired the fries-inspired logo and badge as I stood outside the location to grab a few photos. I just love the concept and dedication to employee growth. Great work, McDonald’s — and a few great takeaways for me!

— Terri