Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

Brands that cater to a targeted audience need to know how to speak their language.

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. believes that every single patient has a right to be their best self. It’s their goal to drive the standard of care for arterial calcium. It’s about saving limbs and saving lives, every day.
We created and designed their launch collateral to make sure healthcare providers understand that CSI offers innovative solutions for treating patients with severe peripheral and coronary calcium.
Print & Collateral // LEE Branding created educational launch materials with a distinctive and professional identity that garnered instant recognizability.
DIGITAL // We ran ads in print and online medical publications that provided concrete data to prove the efficacy of CSI technologies.
TRADESHOW // To demonstrate the innovative technology of the Viperwire and Diamondback 360® devices, we created a display that broke down complex procedures into attention-grabbing communication, building interest among hundreds of healthcare providers in attendance.
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