Careers at Lee Branding

Senior Project Lead
Job Description
Everyone knows someone who seems to know it all (but not in a know-it-all way). And if they don’t know something, they’re going to dig in and find out. 
The Senior Project Lead at LEE Branding is the person who knows it all regarding his or her projects and accounts: The client’s expectations (spoken and unspoken), the scope, the timing, the workflow, the current status, and what the creative team needs to succeed.
The Senior Project Lead is confident and comfortable working directly with clients alongside Account Management, which may include leading status meetings, talking smartly about the creative work, contributing to strategic discussions, and demonstrating on a daily basis that we’ve got our clients’ backs.
The Senior Project Lead is also attuned to the creative team, making sure project briefs cover all the bases, that feedback is clear, and that we’ve allotted the right amount of time to do the job—whether that job is a brochure, an integrated digital campaign, or a video shoot in a distant city. We’ve got our creative teams’ backs too.
•  A Bachelor’s degree and 5+ years in an agency setting, with direct client contact
•  Experience planning complex video and photography shoots
•  Experience in B-to-B marketing
•  An interest in (and ideally, experience in) medical technology
•  Define the scope of the project in collaboration with Account Management, including timing and resource allocation.
•  Contribute your voice (and sometimes your Keynote skills) to project fact-finding meetings and new business pitches.
•  Use your understanding of the creative process to establish project plans that leverage efficiencies and factor in project interdependencies.
•  Drive the project internally: establish the plan, gather the resources, anticipate needs and potential risks, monitor progress, and solve problems. You own this.
•  Work with creative director and project management team to assign staff/freelancers and align schedules.
•  Process and relay client feedback. Read and understand it, seek clarification where direction isn’t clear or information is missing, and interpret direction for the creative team.
•  Review creative deliverables to ensure that they meet project objectives and are error-free.
•  Step up as needed to be the external point person, able to explain to a client our approach to the task, questions or gaps that need to be addressed, and/or current status.
Project management
•  Keep client status documents updated and lead status meetings.
•  Document learnings and takeaways from client meetings. Provide seamless backup for clients when account manager is unavailable.
•  Participate in staff resource planning.
•  Ensure that the project deliverables are on time and within budget.
Key Competencies
•  Leadership: Be the smartest person in the room. Show your colleagues that you’ve got their backs and that you know the way forward. Positively influence others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization.
•  Curiosity: Look for answers. Explore. Get to know clients’ business and brand standards. Help connect the dots from past client work to current projects.
•  Problem-solving: Be willing to tackle the hard stuff and finds answers and resolution.
•  Innovation: Develop new and unique ways to improve operations of the organization and to create new opportunities.
•  Teamwork: Work cooperatively and effectively with others to solve problems, balance workloads, and streamline the work.