We reveal a brand's core purpose + amplify its positive effect.

An agency is only as good as its people. For over two decades, we’ve helped our clients grow their brands by discovering their unique identity and finding the right way to connect with their customers. We continuously strive for our work to positively influence the world.
Terri Lee has built her organization on five guiding principles:

BE FLEXIBLE // Adapt to change
INSPIRE PASSION // Capture hearts + minds
SHINE BRIGHT // Be the light that creates awareness
THINK BIG // See the big picture
CREATE COLLABORATION // Inspire others to action
These simple yet effective pillars have pushed LEE Branding from a small boutique shop to a mid-sized, full service agency. Along the way Terri’s been named one of the “Top 25 Women to Watch” and LEE Branding has been named one of the “Top 100 Places to Work” by Minnesota Business. LEE Branding is also a Certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), supporting diversity and value-sound partnerships. With strategy, planning and through every creative execution, Terri empowers the people behind LEE to always approach the work with a clear mind and a full heart.
"Sometimes contractors are used for specialized skills like research or programming," Lee said. Her business model gives her the flexibility to bring the best team to the table. "It's really about how do we remain scalable....Budgets are smaller than they used to be so how can we offer the best deliverables," she said. At her office in northeast Minneapolis, Lee designed a massive wood table with outlets meant for freelancers to collaborate when they have a project.

-Terri Lee quoted in the Star Tribune

People + Culture
At LEE, we love what we do because we love the people we work for and with. Our core team is essential to driving the culture and personality of our agency every single day. From birthdays to happy hours, we understand the importance of trusting and honestly caring for the people we’re surrounded by.