Take it from the top.

The best leaders put their team first — and understand that it takes all of us to make the most impact. Our leaders infuse positivity, compassion and trust into every project, every day. They make us feel like we are the smartest, most talented people on the planet. Which is 100% accurate, by the way.

Terri Lee, President & CEO

Terri’s enthusiasm for people and great work is palpable. Starbucks latté in hand, she lives life out loud, seeing every day as a new adventure. Terri is a high-level visionary, bringing her clients unparalleled expertise, consultancy, strategic thinking — and true partnership.

After 30 years in the biz, her passion for healthcare and the medical industry has never wavered. For Terri, this runs deep. Losing her brother at an early age to a chronic disease spurred a life-long desire to help others and do work that changes the world. At LEE Branding, she does both.

Eric Bundy, Executive Creative Director

With 25+ years of experience, Eric leads the creative team — and works alongside them. At the heart of his strategy-first approach is an intuitive compassion that allows him to relate to both clients and his team. For him, it’s about more than exceptional work. It’s about making sure everyone feels supported throughout the journey — and ecstatic with the results.

Eric thinks of LEE Branding as a tight-knit family, but not in the cliché way. More like the eccentric Thanksgiving dinner family, where each dynamic personality brings something to the table. Incredibly smart and fiercely loyal, Eric's the guy you call first when you need a brilliant idea — or a shoulder to cry on.

Our people

It takes all of us.

Smart. Passionate. Friendly. A lot of experience. A whole lot of personality.

What we believe in

LEE loves.

People we work with who do good work — in our communities and in the world.

From delivering dream kits to telling stories through video, we’re honored to support My Very Own Bed in its work — giving kids a space of their own.

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For years, we’ve partnered with A Breath of Hope to help promote their efforts in lung cancer research, awareness and education, and patient support.

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LEE Branding is a proud member and sponsor of the Medical Alley Association, which promotes leadership and innovation in our region's diverse and influential healthcare community.

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