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Terri’s birthday

November 7, 2022

As I reflect on the last 55 years, I am grateful for the journey and the life I have led with family, friends, and the amazing people I encounter on my daily adventure. We all have a story and reasons we do things.

My brother, Scott Roger Kemp had Duchenne muscular dystrophy and died when he was 13 years old and I was 15. When you have a family member with a chronic disease (and learn of it when you are four years old), it changes your perspective on life. Not necessarily in a bad way, just a different way. My brother was my best friend as a child — sure, I picked on him, but he loved me and cared for me as I did for him. He was the popular one in our family, and I was known as “Scott’s sister” — he never used his disease to gain pity; instead, he inspired sports figures, teachers, family, friends, pastors, and doctors with his resilience, love of life, and devotion to God. I persevere because Scott inspired me to do so.

This origin story led directly to LEE Branding, and it explains my commitment to the healthcare industry and my passion for the field of chronic disease. It is how I cope with the loss of my brother and do something positive in this world.

My job is to help the entire team at LEE Branding fall in love with helping people and feel compelled to make a difference in patients’ lives every day. I know you all have a journey and a story that explains your purpose. I am glad you have joined me and our team to make a difference. I am very grateful for each of you and cherish our work and personal relationships.

Thank you for helping me on this positive journey in life — I don’t know what I would do without you all.

— Terri