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“Building an Employer Brand” Webinar with Terri Lee

May 17, 2023

Any savvy businessperson knows the power of a strong employer brand. The way a company presents its values to the world is crucial in attracting top-level talent and establishing a solid reputation as the kind of place people want to work for — and work with.

LEE Branding President and CEO Terri Lee recently lent her expertise on this subject to the latest Medical Alley webinar in a series sponsored by LEE Branding. As a featured member of the panel, Terri spoke of the ways in which employers can bolster their companies’ brands, attracting the attention of qualified candidates who fit the organizations’ overall culture and goals.

“Authenticity — representing what this business is, what it stands for — actually works as a magnet to attract top talent,” says Terri.

Curious about building your own employer brand? You can watch the full webinar here.